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  1. i thought about that before,its nice blog i really enjoyed it , This post too really i enjoyed going through it with regards.

  2. Scott McWhinney says:

    Dear Mr Smyth,
                           My name is Scott McWhinney and I am working with the Sunday Life newspaper. I have been following you on Twitter with interest and was wondering if you would be able to answer a couple of questions for me.

    1) I know that you are a teacher, but which school do you work in?
    2) What where you doing just before the quake? I know you were in Starbucks, but what work were you doing?
    3) you described feeling like ‘a bobbing cork’ during it, what is the atmosphere like now?
    4) how close are you to the rescue efforts/major damage? are phones, power and services still badly disrupted.
    5) what is local feeling towards the nuclear power stations? Have the situations been contained?
    6) You were on the 10th floor of a building when it happened and you have described the severity of the quake: Whilst they are something that people live with in Japan what made this one different making people run for cover?
    7)You are giving a lot of information on Twitter, is there anything you would like to say to Northern Ireland about what is happening?

    I would really appreciate answers to these questions if you have the time. Also, do you have, or are you able to get some pictures for us?
    Thank you very much for the help

    Best Wishes
    Scott McWhinney

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