Post press conference thoughts.

Yesterday’s press conference, held a day early due to today’s expected announcement of the club’s financial results, revealed that the player closest to returning from injury is Diaby. Also, there are doubts over the fitness of both Eboue and Rosicky, both of whom will have fitness tests today. Fingers crossed that at least one of them is available for tomorrow.


Wenger also told Szczesny that while he knows that he deserves to play some games, he is only twenty years old and that he must be more patient. There are three other keepers at the club and only one of them can play in any game. Let’s hope that the Pole’s comments during the week don’t cost him a potentially bright future at the club. If only it were Fabianski that made the outburst…


The manager spoke about how he is not afraid to speak out against what he terms ‘violent football’ and that regardless of whether or not he gets criticised by other managers doesn’t bother him because he is used to receiving criticism. It is an interesting point that he talks only about the tackling but other managers react by criticising Wenger as being a moaner. The only reason that someone would take Wenger’s comments personally is if they are feeling guilty about sending their teams out ‘to get stuck in’, which is all well and good as long as the players they send out to execute said instructions are intelligent and skilful enough to know where the line between committed and reckless is.


This is going to be a short post as I will write a longer one later today once the financial results have been announced and I have had a chance to give it a look over.


Stay tuned, a post on the financial results is in the works, should be up later today.


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