E = MC Hammer.

June 8, 2010

A short post today, followed by another one on Thursday or Friday and then a final one this coming Sunday before the blog goes on a World Cup induced hiatus.


Reports today suggest that even the powers that be at Barcelona have enough wit about them to realize that the stories that, having said that Cesc isn’t for sale and that no negotiation will be entered into, Arsenal are now likely to accept 50m-60m are untrue. No doubt it is their own planting of this story in the newspapers that has led them to this Einstein-esque level of deduction. I suppose this is all part of their strategy to have us believe that they aren’t the bunch of shit-faced, tapping up, b*stards that we know them to be. It won’t work. Too much damage has been done by that club over the years to alter the way that we view them. In many ways, Barcelona are the club equivalent of John Terry, and we all know how much Arsenal fans hate John Terry. We let Cesc go off to the World Cup and they try to get into bed with him while at the same time pretending to be our friend and to greatly respect us.


One player I like, but hope that we don’t sign, is Yaya Toure. I saw him playing for Barcelona, in Yokohama, a few years back and was really impressed with him. But, the reason I don’t want to sign him is because of his bloody agent. That guy just can’t stop talking about his player moving clubs and to be honest the last thing we need at our club is a player whose agent will be hawking him around every summer. So, thanks but no thanks.


It’s just a short post today as there is nothing new to say on the Joe Cole story and just some whisperings that Koscielny wants to play Champions League football next season (don’t we all?) and that Coquelin has said that he’d like to go out on loan next season if it meant that he would get regular games. Cue newspapers putting two and two together and getting some ludicrous answer that will translate into the same story we have been reading for the past few weeks. Nothing interesting or new in it.


Finally, one of our young keepers, Sean McDermott, has signed his first professional contract with the club having made 12 appearances for the u18s side, coached by Steve Bould, last season. He was born in Norway but has represented Ireland at both u16 and u17 levels. At this stage all we can do is congratulate him on securing a professional contract and wish him well for the future with his development.


Right, that’s that for today. Take it easy.