El Bastardo.

Morning. Hope that you have some nice weather with you, wherever you are reading this. The summer weather is definitely kicking in here, which means that the wet season is also right around the corner. Balls.


Anyway, there isn’t an awful lot going on as we approach the opening of the World Cup. The Arsenal news has all but dried up and indeed would have dried up were it not for that bunch of ‘see you next Tuesdays’ in Barcelona. I have a feeling that it is going to be a long, long summer on the Cesc front, unfortunately.


So, not content with basically being told to sod off by the board the other day, Joan ‘El Bastardo’ Laporta has, yet again, made more comments along the lines of they won’t give up until Arsenal relent and sell Cesc to them. He also seems to be under the illusion that Barcelona are in talks with Arsenal regarding the proposed transfer. The latter belief clearly shows that he has the mental capacity of a cock fish.


I’m not sure how Arsenal could have made their position any clearer than in the statement released the other day. I guess it just goes to show that becoming a president has no relationship with the intelligence of the person. Though, after the Bush administration in America, I think that we knew that already. I’m pretty sure that if it was our club acting in such a manner, FIFA would hammer us, but when it is Barcelona not a single word emanates out of the governing body. It really is infuriating that they are allowed to so blatantly unsettle and tap up a player. It makes a mockery of FIFA and everything that they purport to stand for.


I just hope that Laporta has an encounter with Japan’s Tulio, much like in the manner that Drogba did yesterday, in a game which Ivory Coast didn’t shy away from putting in some meaty challenges themselves.


The Bordeaux president has said that he hasn’t received an offer from Arsenal for Gourcuff, which isn’t surprising as, unless we sell Cesc, our transfer kitty is going to be allocated towards the defensive side of things, I hope.


Fabio Capello has said that he didn’t pick Theo because he hasn’t played enough games because of injury. Well, Fabio, if yourself and Stewart ‘The Penalty King’ Pearce hadn’t thought it a good idea to make him play for the u21s last year, then he wouldn’t have ended up crocked for half the season and would, therefore, have played a part in plenty of Arsenal’s games. Basically, he has been punished for agreeing to play for the u21s. Now, I know that Theo’s performances were very hit and miss over the season, but he must be seriously regretting turning out for the u21s now. Anyway, Theo’s disappointment should work in our favour as we will have him fit, fresh and ready for the start of the season and he will have a point to prove, too. Here is Capello’s statement in full:


“It was a really hard decision for me. I know Theo Walcott was really important in the games we played in qualification. But after his operation on his shoulder he did not play a lot of games. He was not the same player we knew before the injury.

I hope that he will be fit and over injury and he will be back in the team for the other qualifiers (Euro 2012). It was hard for me, but we had to choose the best players for the squad.”


The Daily Star is reporting that Japan will make a move for Wenger in the new year as current manager, Okada, is set to step down after the World Cup. It’s a story that comes up every time that Japan are searching for a new manager but I can’t see Wenger walking away from the day to day life of club football just yet. Also, you have to consider  the fact that he is in the process of building a new team and he won’t want to walk away from that before the job is done and silverware delivered. He believes in the players he has and he will want to show everyone that he was right and that these players are, in fact, capable of winning some silverware.


Apparently, we have beaten Chelsea to the signing of a 16yr old, Dutch, attacking midfielder called Kyle Ebecilio, from Feyenoord. That is a much as I know about him. The deal should go through on July 1st. Enough kids, please. Time to sign real players that are fully developed and experienced.


Elsewhere, there are reports that we have been offered the chance to sign the young Israeli midfielder, Gai Assulin, from Barcelona as his contract is set to expire this summer. Even if we don’t really want him, we should sign him just to annoy Barcelona and have Laporta let another promising youngster slip through his fingers before he leaves his post as El Bastardo at the end of June.


That’s about that for today. I’ll hopefully be back again tomorrow if there is anything going on news-wise. However, once the World Cup gets underway, I won’t be making any posts unless something major happens.


Enjoy your weekend.


*** UPDATE: It seems that Joe Cole may not be signing for us after all which, if true, seems to pave the way for him to join ManUre. On the one hand I am disappointed but, on the bright side, the money we save on the signing on fee and wages can be used to invest in the defense.


4 Responses to El Bastardo.

  1. thenorthbank says:

    Tulio has had quite a week. First the goal and own goal against England and then taking out Drogba. Must buy him a pint if I run into him in a bar in Tokyo. hehe

  2. Del says:

    About time someone gave Droba a reason to roll around and cry like a bitch.

  3. thenorthbank says:

    Yeah, hehe. Would love to see him miss out on the World Cup. Didn’t see the game but saw some highlights and the Ivorians weren’t shy at getting stuck in. You live by the sword and all that…

  4. kevreano says:

    ha ha class video of Drogba the big girl

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