Friday musings.

May 21, 2010

Just a short post today as there is absolutely nothing new to talk about. I talked about the obvious one yesterday. But, last night, I was wondering would the sale of Cesc make the share price of the club drop?


If he were to be sold and the share price subsequently drop, that would make a potential takeover move much more attractive and therefore prompt an earlier than planned move by Kroenke. Of course, that is assuming that Kroenke Tonk Stan actually intends to make a full takeover bid for the club. I can’t imagine him building his holding to 29.9% and then not make a takeover bid at some point.


If Cesc leaves, I am fairly sure that it would adversely affect the value of the club as we would have lost our best player and therefore have a smaller potential to be successful, depending on which players that Wenger signs between now and that point.


It’s all a bit speculative, I know, but what with Lady Nina whoring her shares to investors in China and Asia, it seems that a takeover attempt could come sooner rather than later. Adding to this is the fact that Kroenke Tonk Stan can now pay £8,500 per share, instead of the almost £10,500 premium he paid a little over 12 months ago.


Key to the takeover battle will be the destination of both Lady Nina’s and Danny Fiszman’s shares. I am certain that Danny would only sell his holding to Kroenke Tonk Stan. Would Lady Nina even entertain the thought of selling to Kroenke given the way that she was ousted from the board in order to allow for the integration of him into the club?


We find ourselves hip deep in a pool of deep uncertainty right now, both on and off the field. I am worried that, to a certain extent, Barcelona may be throwing Cesc to the wolves. They seem to be getting him to agitate for a move, which in turn is making Arsenal more resolute to stand their ground. Also, it is debatable over whether or not they actually have the cash available to push through the signing of Cesc this summer. One thing I know is that they can go f*ck themselves if they think that they can sign him on the cheap just because he was at their club until he was 16. That makes no difference whatsoever to his value now. Arsenal have made Cesc the player that he is today. If he moves, then Arsenal should receive a fee that is reflective of both the current level and future potential of a player that, at 23yrs old, has his best years ahead of him. Anyway, we will see what the weekend brings in terms of more endless speculation about Cesc and the usual lazy journalism transfer gossip in the weekend papers.


Have a good weekend. I’m going to go outside now and enjoy the 30C Friday afternoon sunshine.