A quiet Friday. No sensationalism here.

May 14, 2010

Where to start today? I’m not wondering that because of the plethora of news doing the rounds regarding Arsenal, quite the opposite, in fact.


Of course, I could talk about the whole Cesczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It’s the same nonsense that crops up every summer, especially so when there is a presidential election at one of Spain’s big two. We all know that Cesc will return to Barcelona someday, but I would be pretty confident that it won’t be this year.


Therefore, like all of the years gone by, I am putting this story down to two things; the first being the Barcelona presidential election and the second being that newspapers generally print anything that they think will sell papers and when there is little else in the way of real news to print they invariably pull out the old reliable ‘Cesc to Barcelona’ story. Of course, if they do it enough, they will be right someday, but I think we will see Cesc in the Arsenal shirt for at least another season. Hopefully he will stay for many more seasons.


This whole story erupted again this week when Cesc was asked something along the lines of “If you leave Arsenal will it be for Barcelona?”, to which he replied “Yes,” no surprises there. Then, pressed further, they asked would he only leave Arsenal for Barcelona and he said ‘yes.’ Again, nothing new there. Only a fool would doubt that he will rejoin his boyhood club someday.


Of course, the part where he said that he is happy at Arsenal and is in no hurry to leave was overlooked or omitted from these reports, because that doesn’t stir any shit and, as we all know, shit stirring sells papers. It also leads to stupid websites printing sensationalist headlines in order to get hits. Well, if the type of people you want frequenting your site/blog are the ones that happily click on those sensationalist links, then good luck to you.


Right, that has helped me exorcise the lazy journalism and sensationalist websites anger that has been churning within all day.


Apart from that, there really is nothing else going on, not that I have come across anyway, so that’ll have to do for today.