Boom, boom Chamakh(alaka) boom!!

May 5, 2010

Nice to have a bit of good news to talk about straight off the bat today, the signing of Chamakh. It has yet to be confirmed by the club itself, but Chamakhalaka Boom has himself said:

“I am delighted to join the English football atmosphere, it is something amazing. I love Arsenal’s game. I know I will have to adapt but I know the short passing game with Yoann Gourcuff. In February, I made my decision. A departure clause (in a potential new Bordeaux contract) was not logical after refusing Arsenal last summer. Arsenal were not alone. There were Liverpool, Tottenham and crazy offers from Russia. But I was only focused on the Premier League…I am leaving for a new challenge. At Bordeaux I was the club’s child. In London, I won’t be a kid anymore. I have grown, I have things to prove and I am motivated to achieve it.”


Good to hear that he is up for a challenge and is motivated to do well. Let’s hope he can walk the walk as well as he talks the talk. Anyway, he can’t really contribute any less than the likes of Eduardo this season, so he can only strengthen us. Plus, he is coming on a free, which still leaves the majority of whatever transfer kitty Wenger has (minus Chamakh’s wages/signing on fee) to strengthen the defensive area of the squad.


Unfortunately, I don’t think one of those signings will be Buffon, who I would expect to join Man City. If he does, that would make one of either Given or Hart available and either would be a good signing for the club. Though, if Szczesney Hawkes harbours hopes of one day becoming our no1, he’ll be hoping that it’s Given that we go for and that he would one day replace Given assuming, of course, that he reaches a high enough level to be deserving of the no1 shirt.


One player that seems to have taken a step closer to the exit door is El Crapitain, Gallas. Apparently, contract talks haven’t really gone all that well and he is still stalling over signing the new deal. I’m not really sure what the problem is, the club have a long-standing policy with regard to the length of contracts offered to players in their 30s, so that shouldn’t have been a surprise to Gallas once talks began. So, if he won’t accept a one year rolling contract, then it’s time for him to sling his hook. I don’t necessarily agree with Wenger’s policy on contracts for the over-30s, but as long as he is manager, that’s what the players are going to be offered.


The rumours seem to indicate that Wenger will buy from within England. So, I wonder whether we will see one of Hart/Given along with Hangeland lining up for us in defence in August. Though with Given being out injured it’s unlikely he’d play in August, if signed.


Anyway, plenty of time for transfer speculation another day.


*UPDATE: Arshavin on Dennis Lachter:

“Dennis has not been representing my interests for a year, he is not my agent. He does not have information on my career plans, so his statements shouldn’t be taken for fact or paid attention to.”