Szczesny Hawkes.

Given our current goalkeeping predicament I am proposing that the fans put the name of our young Pole into the mind of the manager by singing the following to the tune of Chesney Hawkes’ ‘The One And Only’:

“Szczesny’s the one and only! ”


“Szczesny’s the one and only! There’s no keeper we’d rather have.”


4 Responses to Szczesny Hawkes.

  1. Del says:

    The quality of that song is about as high as the quality of our goalkeepers.

  2. thenorthbank says:

    No chance of that happening! 😉

  3. thenorthbank says:

    Apologies for a complete lack of posts this year, have been snowed under here in Yokohama. But, the blog will be back up and running in August after I get done with some work in Korea.

  4. kevreano says:

    Don’t give up the day job !! 🙂

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