3-0 to The Arsenal.

A great result against the Spuds yesterday, it has to be said! Albeit in the first half we didn’t play all that well and there were a number of passes not finding their target. That all changed in a mad minute just before the interval when a Robin Van Persie finish at the near post and a solo effort from Cesc straight from the resulting kick-off turned the game on it’s head.


I must admit that even when we got the third goal I still couldn’t relax given our tendency to be generous in defence. The manager himself appeared to feel the same and flung hi suit jacket at his seat in the dug-out in frustration.


Seeing the look on Harry Redknapp’s face twitching away on the bench was priceless. It was nice too to stick it to that muppet Robbie Keane for suggesting that Spurs have a stronger squad than ours. someone should tell him that an older squad doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a better squad. I’ve secured an exclusive picture of Robbie Keane which can be seen below.



Elsewhere our young Dane, who is now out for up to four weeks due to a groin injury that he picked up yesterday, is talking about how he intends to be the top scorer in the Premier League within the next five years. He isn’t short in self-belief or confidence. Let’s just hope that he can deliver and not just be all bluster.


Listening to the Arsecast on Friday, Arseblogger spoke about how he hoped we’d kill Spuds and Van Persie believes that he got his wish, albeit not literally, unfortunately.


Anyway, it’s been a great week for the club and I have secured myself a stone in the Armoury Square landmark, so all is good.


Apologies for the posts being sporadic, but trying to balance a job, a MA and a life means that time is at a premium. But, keep the faith.


2 Responses to 3-0 to The Arsenal.

  1. thenorthbank says:

    I think the main issue with Bendtner is that he isn’t really suited to playing out wide as it doesn’t make use of his main attribute, his height. But, I think he will be a decent player for us that could get about 15 goals per season.

    Spurs are a bit shit, but could still manage to finish in the top six this season.

  2. bobajob says:

    Bendtner is awful, Arsenal look so fluid and connected at times and then they pass to that fuckwit and he messes up the play. There were so many examples of that in the west ham away game. Get him sold and bring in a similar player who also has technique(C Cole, J Carew, Ellmander, Marlon King?). Fair enough he pops up with a goal everynow and again but your not gonna win anything with him as your big gaping hole in the team. Team spirit looks a bit dodgy still too as highlighted by the van persie rant mid game the other day. Spurs are shite, that i can concur with, although they have some good individuals, namely Keane, Defoe and Palacios, oh and Johnny woodgate for one game per season.

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