A fresh start.

So, it’s finally all over in terms of the will-he, won’t-he, when-will-he go saga of Adebayor. We all knew he would leave the club this summer and it had threatened to put a cloud over our pre-season preparations. But, yesterday he signed for Man Shitty in a deal believed to be in the region of £22m-£25m, though we will never get confirmation of the exact, or indeed any, figure from the club itself. That can be a bit annoying at times, but I must admit that I do like the way the club keeps its cards close to its chest when it comes to transfer fees.


The boss himself had this to say on the matter and he had noticed a lingering resentment towards Adebayor over his pushing to get a move last summer. This must have also transmitted itself to the players in the squad and was certainly evident in Adebayor’s performances, and lack thereof, throughout last season. He had stopped giving a shit. I am just glad that he is gone to a club like Shitty and not a club with actual class and history like AC Milan.


Right, that’s that then. He’s gone and is now on the books of another club where I’m sure he will cause trouble in a season or two’s time.


On to footballing matters and the team got a run-out at Underhill yesterday in a 2-2 draw against Barnet. The result wasn’t at all important and it was just an exercise in building fitness in the players. Most notable of which was a run-out for the lost man of world football, Tomas Rosicky. Let’s hope that he doesn’t get any little niggling set-backs, though if he does we shouldn’t be too downhearted and these things generally happen after such a long layoff. Anyway, fingers crossed that he will not have any reaction and that he can keep building on his fitness and strength ahead of the new season.


I didn’t see the game so can’t really say much about it really, though I believe that some of the other bloggers were in attendance so check out Goonerholic and Gunnerblog for a more detailed summation of the game.


That’s about it for today. It’s nice to have the players back and it makes the start of the season proper seem all the closer. Roll on the new campaign!


Take it easy.


3 Responses to A fresh start.

  1. willy p says:

    Mate your ending up 6th if youre not careful. what kind of brains sells to a main rival, without yet bringing anyone in who’s as good? I fear for arsenal, i reckon this season will be tough without another decent centre half and more experience in the back 4…. plus a linch pin midfielder who can be aggressive and pass… and a 20 goal powerful stiker. you got no aerial power and sadly arent as creative going forward as man u cuyrrently. Toure is still quality and arguably one of the top ten centre backs in the country. big loss, big loss. unless your kkk in which case arsenal are getting better week in week out. 8 more to go!

  2. thenorthbank says:

    If what the players says has been translated accurately and is true, then surely this must be blatant tapping up….?


  3. Del says:

    Glad he is gone.Some will say we should not have sold him to the team that may knock us out of 4th but personally, I dont care.Now we will see how much truth is in the we have no money rumours.We have got at least 20 million and saved 80k a week,so that is real money.I get the feeling that we won’t see any new players arrive though.The dominant centre half and combatitive midfielder are still needed and then if there is any cash left over, get a goalscoring real winger.There are other players within the squad who can be sold to further increase the cash available.I do think that even if Arsene had the money that Hughes has, he still would not spend it.

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