Wish he’d just sling his hook.

So, here we are two days after my last post and Adebayor is still an Arsenal player. It’s well beyond a joke at this stage and he is quickly threatening to disrupt our pre-season preparations with all of his bullshit. I mean, there is no way that he can seriously expect us to believe that he is having a bit of a moral crisis over the size of his salary?


That just doesn’t wash with me and doesn’t jive with what he banged on about last summer when he talked about preparing for his retirement. Give me a break. He is in his mid-twenties and has the best years of his career ahead of him. So, there should be no thoughts about retirement. What he really should have said is “I am a greedy bastard and want every penny that I can get.” His advisors have also been filling his head full of pie in the sky ideas about how much he is worth. You can be sure that he thought that when Shitty bid for him, he thought that bigger teams like Milan would follow suit, but now that hasn’t happened he is realising that his bluff has been called and he looks like a fool. Therefore, the bogus stories about him worrying about his salary are emerging. What a crock of shit. We all know you are greedy, so please just take the money and bugger off.


I’ve no idea about the quality of his alleged replacement, Chamakh, but you have to wonder if it makes sense to sign a player that represents an African nation when there is an African Cup of nations for him to jet off to mid-season every few years.


Elsewhere, Gunnerblog has good highlights of an Arshavin interview here. I like the frankness and honesty of Arshavin a lot. He is a breath of fresh air when compared with Adebayor. Im in agreement with Gunnerblog in that we would be better served in re-investing the whole (or at least bulk) of the Adebayor fee in the central midfielder we need.


In other transfer news, Cheltenham youngster Jamie Edge looks set to sign for the club. The 15yr old can apparently play in either defence or midfield which makes him an ideal (and typical) signing by Arsene, though it will be a long time before he makes it into the first team, if ever, so no need to get too excited about that signing just yet.


Also set to allegedly sign for our academy is a young Montenegran striker, Veljko Batrović. Yet another one for the future.


Let’s hope that this weekend and next week will bring a midfield signing for the here and now. Tomorrow sees us take on Barnet and a first chance to maybe get a glimpse of some of the players which may feature in our starting eleven throughout the season, but expect it to be a predominantly young squad.


More on Sunday. Take it easy.


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