A Saturday round-up.

May 30, 2009

Apologies for not making many posts lately, the pressures of work, private work, distance MA study and new bars opening and offering discounted first-day beer have eaten up most of my time over the past few weeks. But, from tomorrow onwards things will get back to normal again, although the posts will be shorter as there is no more football for Arsenal, just endless transfer speculation.


Speaking of which, we are again being linked with Gareth Barry. Personally he isn’t someone that I would want to sign, but you get the feeling that there may be something in this story as he is someone that can slot in either in midfield or at the back if needed. So, in many ways he is the ideal kind of Wenger signing. Decent, somewhat versatile and at the right age for our squad. Fingers crossed it is just speculation though. The Daily Star has a headline indicating the player himself has said he wants to join us, yet fail to provide a single quote from anyone…


Another report see us linked with Wolfsburg midfielder, Christian Genter, who is apparently the ‘new Kaiser’. No idea about the accuracy of that link, but we can expect to linked with all and sundry between now and the end of the transfer window at the end of August.


Elsewhere, Cesc talks about Barca and Henry and about how an player would love to play in the current Barca team. No arguments there. they’re a quality team and the blew ManUre off the field on Wednesday night. So, for him to say that is, for me, no problem at all. Of course, there will inevitably be some lazy hacks in the tabloids trying to make this out to be a sign that he wants out. But, we all know it’s not. He will return to Barca someday, but not for a few years yet.


And that’s about that really. Not much going on. I wonder did Marvin Gaye write that song during the off-season all those years ago…


Take it easy.