Nothing going on, a quick round-up.

Hello again. Not much going on this week first-team-wise. The youngsters won the FA Youth Cup last night with a 2-1 win over Liverpool, making it 6-2 on aggregate. It’s nice to get the victory and trophy on the day of the 20th anniversary of our famous victory at Anfield.


Hangeland has moved to distance himself a little from all of the speculation linking with him a move to the Emirates, but that is just to be expected as he will want to protect his interests should a move/bid not materialise. He doesn’t want to ‘do an Adebayor’ and make a right cunt out of himself by whoring himself around.


Elsewhere, Theo Walcott has said that we need to win dirty and there won’t be any disagreeing with that sentiment here. We need to make sure that we take the so-called lesser teams more seriously next season or else it will be another fruitless campaign.


That’s about it really, I told you there wasn’t all that much going on. I was too busy to write a post yesterday and so have missed the 20th anniversary of the Anfield victory, but other bloggers did a good job summing things up so check out some of the links on the right of this page to check them out.


That’ll have to do for today. Time is at a premium for me until the end of the month, unfortunately. Take it easy.


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