Final weekend of a long, hard season.

So, the weekend that we wait a good 10 months to arrive has finally come and I must admit I’ll be glad for it this season to finally end. The only thing that there is to look forward to tomorrow is the potential relegation of Hull Shitty. God, I hope and pray that they get relegated. I’m not a religious man, not by any stretch of the imagination but, if there is a God, they will get relegated this season and continue all the way down to League Two over the coming years. Should Hull manage to survive, at least we’ll get to see Alan Shearer head for the Championship, no doubt doing his annoying trademark celebration and chanting ‘howay (with) the lads (to the championship.)’


Since my last post, Cesc has been cleared of the whole alleged spitting incident regarding Brian Horton and all those other cuntbags over at Hull. It vindicates our Catalan captain and shows those fuckers up to be the lying sack of cuntbags that the so obviously are.


Tomorrow sees us take on Stoke at the Emirates in a game that is absolutely meaningless for both teams. So, hopefully the manager will give a Sunday afternoon run-out to some of our younger young players such as Ramsey. I’d have liked to have seen Wilshere get a game but what with this league game being sandwiched between the two FA Youth Cup final games against Liverpool, that won’t be happening. On the subject of the FA Youth Cup final, our kids beat Liverpool 4-1 at the Emirates last night with the return leg at Anfield next Tuesday. Well done to them on that result and let’s hope that they can see out the tie in the second leg.


It is clear from the manager’s Friday press conference and his ATVO interview that he was very hurt, upset and disappointed by the treatment of both himself and the players. He was disrespected by the shareholders and the tone and wording of their questions. We, as fans and supporters need to come together again and get behind the Arsenal cause in the right way. We have enough people on the outside trying to destabilise the club so we don’t need to help their efforts by destabilising from within. Don’t get me wrong, I think that criticism of the club and squad is somewhat justified, but it’s the way in which that is done which is the critical factor. We can criticise, but in a respectful manner.


Arséne also reiterated his commitment to the club and also stated that despite what people may think, he is not afraid to spend money and if he finds the right person he will spend the necessary money to get him.


Looking ahead to tomorrow, Fabianski is available after being a 50/50 doubt due to a knee injury. Nasri has tendonitis and so he is also ruled out. Apart from that the squad available is the same as the one for the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against ManUre. Though apparently Adebayor still has a ‘groin problem’, from being kicked in it by the boss no doubt, and so he will not be involved. As Cilla Black would say, ‘surprise, surprise.’


Tomorrow we should line up with Fabianski,  Sagna, Toure, Djourou and Gibbs. Midfield should see us line up with Walcott, Fabregas, Song and Arshavin. Up front, I hope that we will go with Bendtner and Van Persie. There is always the chance that the boss will play Silvestre in place of Djourou to try and say to the fans ‘I’m the boss’ and also to try and show that Silvestre has qualities that none of us believe he has. Though, I hope he is on the bench.


One thing I have noticed from watching ATVO is that Nasri doesn’t do interviews in English, let’s hope he isn’t the first to be subjected to Arsenal’s forthcoming mandatory English proficiency tests…


I just wish that the games were today and not tomorrow. Sunday is a shite day to have the league’s final games on, especially when it means that they start midnight in Japan and there is work the next day. What a load of cock.


Anyway, have yourselves a good weekend. Take it easy. I’m off out to enjoy the hot, hot weather.


3 Responses to Final weekend of a long, hard season.

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  2. gray says:

    2. 3.4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

    There. i’m saving space…

    anyway i hope we beat stoke city and leave the season on a high….we need a HIIGH!

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