Feels like the season has already ended.

There isn’t a whole lot to look forward to until August, is there? It currently feels like the season is already done and dusted and i suppose for all intents and purposes it is, for us anyway.


It’ll be brief today as there isn’t much going on. It seems that Eduardo has had the pins etc removed from his ankle and that he should be back in full training in time for the start of pre-season, which is good news. He will be a big player for us next season, like one of those new signings that the boss has often talked about. Let’s hope our other ‘new’ signing, Rosicky, will join him in pre-season training.


Elsewhere the new away kit has been officially revealed to be the blue, kind of pin-striped jersey that some had feared it would be. Personally, I prefer our away shirt to be yellow and blue, but if we win something next season, anything, I won’t give a monkeys what colour the away shirt is.




It seems like Amaury Bischoff is keen to leave. Does anyone care? I don’t.

There is continued speculation about the future of Adebayor and it’s something which is likely to roll on and on for the majority of the summer unless the moneybags at Man Shitty or Chavski decide to go at it early doors in the transfer market. Let’s hope they do and that we can get a good bidding war going, get the Milans involved too, if possible. Who knows, that buffoon Florentino Perez may also throw his cunt-hat into the ring too. Fingers crossed, eh.


Right, that’s that. Need to chill out for a while. It’s been a long boring day and the humidity is leaving me drained, only another 3 or four months of intense heat and humidity to go…


One Response to Feels like the season has already ended.

  1. kevreano says:

    You would wonder why the fuck we bought bishoff in the first place. There’s no way he was ever going to be an Arsenal player. I’m hoping the Barndoor Auction will begin and end very soon so that we can use the money. At least we can still look forward to Thierry Henry scoring the winner for Barca in the CL final next week !!

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