Limping to the end.

So, we are stuttering slowly but surely to the final day of the season and as we all know we have nothing to play for and there isn’t whole lot happening news-wise on the Arsenal front.


Of course there has been plenty of tabloid hack speculation about the chances of Arsene winging his way to Real Madrid in the summer, but speculation is all it is, and lazy speculation at that.


It’s easy to take Arséne’s hairy exchanges with the shareholders last week and the impending presidential election at Real and make a nice juicy story about how he is going to walk out on us and sign up with Real where he’d apparently have over a hundred million to spend. But, we all know that the way that Real operate is not how Arséne likes to work and he has a job to do at Arsenal. For all of our current problems, I think we still need him at Arsenal too.


The manager has been defended by former goalkeeper and coach Bob Wilson:

“There were a couple of vindictive shareholders who went too far and upset Arsene with their agendas. He was particularly offended by one remark that he had signed a ‘geriatric’ in Mikael Silvestre, and he responded brilliantly to the questioner’s unpleasant tone. Wenger turned the tables and asked, ‘Does that mean Tony Adams, David Seaman, Nigel Winterburn, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown and Dennis Bergkamp were geriatric when they won the Double? The general tenor of the meeting was constructive, but that upset Arsene like I’ve never seen him before. I found it very difficult not to jump in and tell Arsene he didn’t have to answer it. This guy was really abusive, and I should have told him I was not prepared to accept questions based on such a personal premise. I’ve been upset ever since that meeting, and a minority of shareholders are playing with fire because it would be a virtually impossible task to replace Wenger if he did walk away. We would have only half a hope of finding a successor who could replicate his success: it’s like trying to replace Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest. Arsenal have not won a trophy this season, but they are one of only five clubs in Europe who have qualified for the Champions League 11 years in a row. Is it such a bad season when you reach a Champions League semi-final, an FA Cup semi-final and finish fourth when, at one stage, you are nine points behind Aston Villa and you have had a series of long-term injuries to key players? Wenger is one of the greats of the modern game in my book. After he won his first title, I remember Arsene saying that Arsenal was the perfect club for him and he had taken the job at a perfect time – and I don’t think the perfect marriage is ready for a divorce just yet.”


we certainly aren’t ready to part with the manager yet and you can put your house on all of his detractors changing their fickle tune when he turns things around again.


The boss himself has moved to quash the rumours:

“There’s nothing to worry about, it’s not an issue for me. I’m staying here. If that changes I will let you know, but don’t worry about that. It’s not an issue.”


The sooner we can decisively draw a line under this nonsense the better.


Apart from that non-news news there isn’t a whole lot going on and so I will bid you adieu and talk to you again soon.


Take it easy.


2 Responses to Limping to the end.

  1. TheNorthBank says:

    Yes. Be patient and don’t get your hopes up. 😉

  2. kevreano says:

    any transfer tips blogger ??

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