All’s quiet on the Arsenal front.

May 13, 2009

Not a whole lot going on again today so I’ll keep it relatively short. There is the same stuff being reported again about Petit urging Arsene to spend on reinforcing the squad this summer. Nothing new there and no need to link to it.


Elsewhere the Daily Mail, almost as much a bastion of truth as The sun, quotes Adebayor’s answer to an interview question last summer in which he shows himself to be the utter cunt that we have either known or suspected all along. If these comments are true, and i can’t verify them due to the clip not being available to listen to in Japan, then the cunt should be sold immediately. It has been patently obvious that he has had no desire to do anything for the team this year and it would stick in my craw to have to pay that big lazy bastard £80,000 a week to watch him do the same for another season. sell him now Arsene, please. Here is the quote:

INTERVIEWER: How important is money to footballers? A lot of them say it is not about the money. Is that true?

ADEBAYOR: It is not true, it is about money. You are talking about in life and it is about money. When we are young, of course we played because we loved the game, we play because we were passionate about the game, but when you reach a stage of playing Champions League? If it is not because of money I would not be playing for Arsenal Football Club. If it is not because of money I don’t think I would go to Arsenal to play.


What. A. Cunt.


Arseblogger has a picture of what may be our new away shirt for next season and i must admit that I absolutely hate what i see in those pictures and have no intention whatsoever of buying that shirt. Our away shirt should be yellow and blue. That’s what the fans want and it looks good. Fair enough, the club want to make money from merchandising, but blue? Though the Daily Mail is still persisting with the pictures of an equally horrible green and blue away shirt for next season. I’m crossing all appendages that the new shirt will look nothing like the ones in either Arseblogger’s or the Daily Mail’s pictures.


Reports are linking Senderos with a move to Aston Villa, but i think that we could do a lot worse than to bring him back to the club and keep him. I know that the was often made look like a bit of a tool by Drogba, but Drogba gives most defenders a hard time so we shouldn’t kill Senderos because of that. He’s certainly better than Silvestre.


Robin Van Persie has appealed for the club to keep the important players at the club. It’s a fair appeal to make and he can lead by example by putting pen to paper on a shiny new deal. He is right in that if we sell three or four of our better players every summer then we really are going nowhere fast.


Finally, our big fat Commie Uzbek shareholder has suggested that he would be ready to help the club out with some of it’s debt, should the ask. Well, firstly, he hasn’t said how he might do that and if it is in the form of some kind of loan that we would have to pay back to him then it would be suicidal for the club to consider. Secondly, he’s a cunt and we don’t want money that smells of cunt. Well, sometimes money that smells of cunt is okay, but not on this occasion.


That’s about all for today. ‘Til tomorrow, stay capitalist. Resist the commie.