Waiting to rebound.

So, yesterday’s defeat to Chelsea means that we have now lost against two of the top three teams four times in all competitions in the past month or so. That kind of a record just isn’t acceptable and it seems like this season seems destined to end like it started.


As much as the boss would have us believe that this team is capable of challenging the top three sides for honours, it is blatantly obvious that it isn’t. However, the boss has once again said that we need to add one or two quality players in the summer and that we are prepared to spend the necessary money to get them. On the evidence of the season so far, I would be hoping that he signs three top quality players


Our defending against Chelsea yesterday was not worthy of a side which hopes to become one of the major forces in European football. There is a lot of work to be done on the training ground and some quality personnel to be acquired in both central defence and central midfield before this team will be anywhere near being able to challenge for honours on a consistent basis. On top of that, getting a replacement for Adebayor should be a priority too.


Again, the manager has said that we should ‘take some distance’ before analysing the game, or our problems. But, I would suggest that no distance is needed. It is blindingly obvious what is needed for this team in order to reach the level that the boss thinks we are already at, never mind reaching a level whereby we can seriously take on the likes of ManUre or Chavski.


On our defending the boss had this to say:

“We conceded four at Liverpool, three against Manchester United and four to Chelsea. We have to improve the way we defend. However, you wouldn’t like to come out when you lose 4-1 and say ‘listen, we are going to buy four defenders. It is more a case of balancing the team defensively than the quality of our defenders.”


Well, to be honest, the quality of the defenders in a team does matter and the likes of Silvestre is not quality. That’s not just because he came from ManUre, he was shite there too.


We did miss plenty of decent chances in the game yesterday and we should have scored more than the one consolation goal that we got, courtesy of Bendtner. However, we cannot defend to save our lives and fixing that issue while also recruiting some top quality players must be the top priorities this summer if we are not to fall even further behind.


Arséne also said that the job of management is one ‘for strong people’ and part of being strong should be to admit that maybe the youth project hasn’t really turned out as planned just yet and that to stop us from slipping out of the Champions League places next season or, even worse, failing to make it out of the qualifying round for next season’s competition, something must be done to address things. Whether it will be or not, who knows.


The season is now over for us although, sadly, not officially so just yet. The final game of the season can’t come quick enough for this team, and the fans. The boss should use the remaining games to give some of our younger youngsters some valuable playing time ahead of next season.


Fabianski was again very suspect on two of Chelsea’s goals yesterday and the manager calling Drogba a diver is a bit of ‘pot calling the kettle black’ when you look at Adebayor’s attempts to con the referee. I really hope that we get rid of him at the end of the season, along with the lazy Diaby.


Thankfully there are only two more games left to this season. On the evidence of the past few weeks I see us coming away with a maximum of three points, at best, out of those two games, but more than likely we will get just a solitary point unless things improve dramatically and quickly.


Right, I’m off to eat dinner and to try and put our footballing woes out of my mind.


6 Responses to Waiting to rebound.

  1. kevreano says:

    i wish he would fucking retire

  2. thenorthbank says:

    Maybe Arsene recognizes he is a big lazy bastard. Or perhaps he was off sorting out his pension for the retirement he mentioned las year….though to look at him now you would think that he already has retired…

  3. thenorthbank says:

    Kolo has been poor for a season or two now. The malaria certainly hasn’t done him any favours pace-wise. He can be a clown at times, but I have a soft spot for him though more so as a person than a defender.

    Because the defense isn’t getting enough protection from midfield it is exposing Kolo’s weaknesses.

    The cover that the defence gets from midfield is shocking only this time there is no Tony Adams to pull Arsene aside to have a word in his ear about the defence.

    I find it astounding that Arsene persists with Diaby on the left wing, never mind in the squad. He is too lazy and isn’t a winger. Not sure what he is for that matter. Vela, if fit, should have started out on the left or up front.

  4. kevreano says:

    The only positive thing I can think of saying is that at least our game v Manure is at Old Trampford, and they won’t win the league at the Emirates. Why was barndoor dropped? Hopefully it’s a sign that he is on his way out.

  5. Del says:

    Will people please admitthat Kolo is bloody shite.His positional sense is awful.He cant win a header to save his life.Its funny that every centre half apart from Kolo gets blamed for our defensive failures.He is the one constant.Where the fuck was Vela yesterday?

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