The wonder of you(th)?

Maybe. I’m not really sure what direction today’s post will take because in circumstances like these it would be very easy to over-react in one direction or the other. It’s gutting to go out of the competition, no doubt about it. However, I think that in times like these we need to focus on the positives.


The team have achieved much more this season than we ever thought they would. We all know that we should have signed defensive players in the summer, but we didn’t. So, having set out our stall for the season with a very young squad, it was always going to be a long, hard season. The team did get off to a shaky start, but from November they have been on a good run, Chelsea and ManUre games aside


We all know that our squad lacks experience and that had Arshavin been available we may have done better in the semi-final. But UEFA’s rules are a load of cock and the experience issue is something for the boss to analyse and address. One ray of hope is that this squad now has another season of football under its collectively young belt and therefore should be more able to handle the challenge of competing on all fronts next season. Whether or not this squad is capable of that is another thing, but you would have to look at a twenty-one game unbeaten run in the league as a sign that this team might, just might, be capable of something special given one or two top class new additions to the squad, along with perhaps selling and replacing one or two as well. Adebayor springs to mind on that one, but with Ancelotti probably leaving for Chelsea in the summer that move may not come to fruition. We can but hope.


I don’t think that you can blame youth for last night’s defeat. I believe that we were very unlucky for the first goal as it was a slip from Gibbs which allowed Park to get his shot off. I felt desperately sorry for the lad and he never fully recovered after it and was substituted at half-time.


The second goal came soon afterwards when the referee gave a soft free-kick against Van Persie for an alleged foul on Ronaldo. However, it was no foul and even the NY Times said that Ronaldo won the free-kick ‘artfully’. In other words, he is a despicable, cheating cunt. The resulting free-kick, from a good thirty-five or forty yards out really should have been dealt with and saved by Almunia. But, it wasn’t and we were two goals down within eleven minutes.


That left us with the most gargantuan of tasks and I defy any team to come back and score four goals against the calibre of a team like ManUre in the semi-final of the Champions League. It was never going to happen and the two early goals killed our young team off. Though we didn’t concede the two goals because of youth. It was a combination of misfortune, bad refereeing and some poor goalkeeping. I don’t think that any team would have come back after such a bright start only to be hit by two sucker punches in such quick succession. We should remember that we did start brightly and it was looking like we would really make a good fight of getting back into the tie. That’s what makes it all the more disappointing.


So, I don’t want to be overly-negative today because there is plenty of time for finger pointing and arguing later. Today we should stand behind our team, give them the backing and support that they need. In the summer, we can discuss what needs to be done to make the squad more capable of making a sustained and consistent challenge for silverware.


Despite ending yet another year without a trophy, I believe that we are not far away from becoming a force to be reckoned with yet again.


I hope that the slip by Gibbs won’t have too big of a psychological impact on him and that he can bounce back quickly from it. It wasn’t the lads fault and he has the potential to be a better player for us than Clichy.


The most disappointing part of the evening was the fact that Almunia let Ronaldo’s free-kick in. I mean, it was hit from miles out and it didn’t move all that much as it travelled through the air. He really should have gotten his hands on it and kept it out. Yes, Ronaldo struck it well but it came from almost forty yards out! After that went in, we had no chance.


The referee certainly did us no favours either. Though, that said, he was more of a cunt to Darren Fletcher when he sent him off for something which wasn’t anywhere near to being a red card offence. You have to feel sorry for him that there is no appeal process for a red card. Just awarding the penalty would have been sufficient. If it was someone as cuntish as Ronaldo, I would be delighted with the red card. But, for me, he is one of their less hateful and cuntish players. Anyway, that’s for ManUre to worry about.


The penalty that Van Persie took was fantastic and no keeper would ever have saved it. He rifled it into the top corner, to the keepers left. A great finish, but it was too little too late.


As it now stands, that is our two biggest games of the seasons, two semi-finals, where we have failed to really make a good fist of it. Is that down purely to a lack of experience or a lack of intelligence, graft and overall quality. You would have to think that it’s a combination of all of those factors. Experience can easily be bought, likewise quality. However, the players need to learn that they have to work their arses off every time they step onto the field wearing the Arsenal jersey. It’s not enough to simply turn up. They must work. This season we have had a few too many players that have not pulled their weight, most notably Diaby and Adebayor.


Adebayor hasn’t been at the races since getting his new contract. We’ve been over him before and I have stated many times that I hope he is sold in the summer and a suitable replacement brought in. A swap for David Villa would be nice.


The Diaby situation is more frustrating. He clearly has heaps of talent. He is also a big guy, so he should be able to use his strength and size to impose himself on the game. However, his work ethic is virtually non-existent and he strolls around the field like he is in a five-a-side in PE class. He clearly doesn’t have the aptitude for defending, which is a disgrace for someone of his strength and size. He can’t play out on the wing. So, that just leaves the advanced role that Cesc now operates in. This may be the only role for him in this team as he can’t do anything else. Well, whether or not it is he can’t or he won’t is the key question here. Right now, it seems to be more of a ‘he won’t’ problem, because I feel that he could do it if he adopted a different work ethic. So, maybe it all just comes down to laziness. If that’s the case, then he should go too. also, we have never gotten a fully fit season out of him so it may be time to cut our losses and sell a player that spends most of his time in the treatment room, we have enough of those already.


Yesterday’s result now leaves us with just three games to play this season, the first being at home to Chelsea this coming Sunday, away to ManUre Saturday 16th (a chance to extract revenge there) and finally home to Stoke on Sunday 24th.


Gunnerblog has a good summation of the situation here.


So, barring a Chelsea collapse, or season is done and maybe it’s time to give some more playing time to the likes of Ramsey and Vela. Perhaps Wilshere might get a look-in as a substitute, though more than likely he won’t feature again until pre-season.


Right, that’s it for today. Time for dinner.


Take it easy and keep the faith.


14 Responses to The wonder of you(th)?

  1. gray says:

    Ok theNorthbank…it’s all in the gooner interest, eh?

    More of those. Anyway i am in Ghana, land of Michael Essien…yes, i see the irony but no fears, we’ll be producing a Gooner version of Essien soon. Like that eh?


  2. Del says:

    Kevreano, I was stateside when we lost to Chelsea.You forgot Paris,how could you forget Paris,really I was referring to the people who travel with you to these important games,namely perfumeand the unlawful one.

  3. kevreano says:

    Sorry North Bank but that wasn’t me you saw. Del, I have a reasonable record at CL games…ok was there last night and at Chelski QF (as were you and North Bank), but was also at Real Madrid and AC Milan…if Arsene reflects on the events of last night and comes to the conclusion that my presence was the problem then we really are fucked !! 😉

  4. thenorthbank says:

    Del, wenger needs to change his policy and perhaps the additional power that kroenke now holds will put pressure on him to deliver, thus forcing him to change his ways in the transfer market.

    The past four years should act as a warning, Villa and Everton are closing the gap to us….Villa and fucking Everton!!!

    I agree that we need two players for every position and that the lazy players must go.

  5. thenorthbank says:

    Kevreano, think i saw you in the crowd before kick-off. Were you wearing a black jacket/top with som ekind of white collared top?

    Pretty sure it was you and tried texting you at the time but the vodafone website wasn’t playing ball…

  6. Del says:

    So that is that,the fat lady has sung and the show is over.Now to the crux of the problem.It is not the slip by Gibbs or the failure of Almunia to stop Ronaldo’s free, it is Arsene’s ego.The huge elephant in the room that no one will talk about.It is time for the manager to admit defeat,admit that the past 4 yrs have been a failure a waste of time.He must change his ways.We are now worse off than we were in 2005 in all areas.The team is weaker the club is weaker financially(the stadium was going to help us compete) and our once great club is being fought over like scraps, in a dog kennel.Look at our players and where they are now.Cesc,Clichy,Kolo and Sagna all pale shadows of the players they were last season.Barndoor agh barn bloody door, is a nightmare.Arsene says this group will get better,well does he think Utd will get worse.They are also a young squad(though one with a lot of medals).I worry about Cesc,the man has quality but he is being destroyed in a vain attempt by Arsene to prove the world wrong.If we are not going to strengthen our squad then out of respect to Cesc, sell him to Barca for 30m stg and Iniesta.If we decide to keep him add real qulity, experienced players to the squad, preferably ones taller than kevreano.Get two quality players for each position like Utd and Chelsea have.Sell the lazy,the continually injured, the usettled and the party animals.Get serious sell some of the 14 players we have out on loan to help raise funds.Get a quality coaching staff, one that can teach the lost art of defending,a medical team that can get our players fit(in a reasonable time)and keep them fit.For fuck sake we are Arsenal not Spurs I wish the manager would act like it.I don’t expect us to win every game but I sure as hell don’t expect to lose 3-1 to Man U “fucking” nited thats right Man Utd in a champions lge semi final at home.The only thing worse than losing to that shower, would be losing to Spurs.Sadly I never thought we would get to the final and that is a sad indictment of our squad. How many of our players would get in the Utd team?

    Arsene said judge me in May well my friend judgement day has arrived.

    Oh Kevreano, I think the time has come for you and your travelling party to stop attending crucial Champions lge games.

  7. thenorthbank says:

    Gray, cheers for quoting me on your site 🙂

  8. TheNorthBank says:

    Unlucky on first goal. Poor keeping on 2nd. But, overall, the best team won. They out-played us over the two legs. We definitely need a few quality additions to the squad, but we’re not far away from being a good team. Lets hope Arsene’s analysis of the squad and where it all went wrong leads him to make the correct conclusion and take appropriate action to remedy it.

  9. gray says:

    yep, we were sooo unfortunate but i cant help but feel that our breakthrough is near.

    B E L I E V E . . .

    (and am no Manure sympathizer)

  10. gray says:

    Franchise, Del, Kevreano…i beat them all to it.


  11. kevreano says:

    Sitting in the airport on the way home…pissed off and hungover. What a sickener. The crowd were really up for it, great atmosphere from 7.15 and we were excellent once the game started. Then Gibbs slipped and the rest is history. Game over after 11 mins….the match seemed to take forever to finish. Arsene, it’s time to invest in some proper players.

  12. gray says:

    dare i say it….




  13. gray says:


  14. gray says:



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