FA-king C*nts.

Well, the FA have gone and done it again. What a bunch of utter cunts. How they can charge Fabregas for an alleged spitting incident is beyond me. It is basically Fabregas’s word against Hull’s. So, how they can justify charging him for that, who knows but it smacks of xenophobia, to be honest. Wenger himself says that the charge is more or less a joke and typical of the usual bullshit that goes on at Soho Square.


“If he had been wearing a black tie, he would not have been charged. Such a big thing has been made of the story that [the FA] go further. I know how it works at the FA. I know them for long enough. I show you the tape, you watch the tape, you will be surprised he is charged. The FA should show it to you. Nothing in Cesc’s behaviour troubles me. He will not be banned. On what I have seen, he will not be punished.”


If a tape exists that can prove Cesc’s innocence then the club themselves should release this tape to the media and shame Hull and their cunting ballbag of a manager from creating such ludicrous lies. Cunts the lot of them and, more than ever, I hope that Hull get relegated and, when they do get relegated I hope that they go the way of Southampton, Charlton or Luton.


The manager went on to say:

“I thought Cesc was dressed in a proper way. There is a famous expression: ‘Do not judge people by the way they dress,’ so why should we suddenly do it? Never. Why should someone 21 years old not be able to dress in a relaxed way?”


That’s another annoying thing about this whole situation. What fucking right does Phil Brown have to question the way that anyone dresses, let alone the captain of another premier league club. What does that have to do with anything? If he is not involved in the match-day squad, why should he dress in any special way? He is at the game as a fan and to support his team mates, so he should be free to dress however he pleases. But, that’s a mindset that is commonplace in the UK and Ireland wherein you can’t get into most pubs unless you look respectable. We all know that this is a load of c*ck as wearing nice clothes doesn’t necessarily mean that you are of good character and vice versa. To suggest that Cesc was out of order to be wearing casual clothes is ridiculous.


Another thing that annoys me is the suggestion that a player shouldn’t be allowed onto the field if they weren’t involved in the game. Well, that’s a load of cock too. How many times have we seen players that weren’t involved in a game come onto the field at the end of a game? After cup penalty shoot-outs, finals. If I remember right, Roy Keane came onto the field after the 1999 Champions League final even though he was banned for the game. Are we to assume this is ok just because he was wearing a suit? Or is it because he comes from Ireland and so isn’t really considered to be a foreigner?


Peter Hill-Wood summed the whole situation up by saying:

“We have a video of the tunnel which we gave to the FA. I didn’t see it myself, but Arsene has and so has (chief executive) Ivan Gazidis and they both said that the whole thing was innocuous. I think the whole thing is ridiculous.”


I’ve no idea if this posting will make any coherent sense because the whole situation makes my blood boil and it is a struggle to not just sit here and post a string of expletives. The whole situation is infuriating. If Cesc ends up getting a ban then Arsenal should bring legal action against both the FA and Hull City as this miscarriage of justice leaves a stain on the clubs reputation and shouldn’t be tolerated.


Hull are home to Liverpool today and let’s hope they get the mother and father of all beatings, one so bad that it’ll lead the commentator to scream “Oh, the humanity!’ Did I mention that I fucking hate Hull? Cunts.


On to football matters, thank God, and Fabianski is philosophical about the imminent return of Almunia to the first team.

“Of course I want to play, but I also have to accept that Manu has had a fantastic season. I clearly understand that if he’s fit, he’s in the goal. He is the first choice and I don’t want to argue with that.”


It’s good to see that he knows his place in the squad and hopefully it will spur him on to work that little bit harder to improve and force his was into the manager’s plans.


Adebayor, Djourou and Almunia could all return to the match-day squad. However, i would expect both Djourou and Adebayor to not be risked unless absolutely necessary and so will probably be on the bench. It will be interesting to see whether or not the boss will opt to put Almunia straight back into the starting line-up. I want to see him back in the team, but I also worry that he might pick up a knock ahead of the all-important game against ManUre, though that fear is balanced somewhat by his need to get some match sharpness back after not playing much lately. So, the boss has a big decision to make on that one.


I think our back four will be Sagna, Toure, Silvestre and Gibbs, though the boss may be tempted to put Song in at centre back and rest one of Toure or Silvestre. If he does so, let’s hope that it’s Silvestre that he replaces. It’s still strange for me to be championing Song and it’s a measure of the leaps and bounds he has made over the past three months and is a credit to him.


In midfield, we may very well line-up with Arshavin, Denilson, Diaby and Nasri, with the boss choosing to rest Cesc and Walcott and only calling them from the bench should we be in need. I’d like to see Bendtner and Eduardo get the nod up-front. I think that a 4-4-2 is the way to go against Boro, especially as the game is at the Emirates.


If the boss chooses to give Djourou a start, which is unlikely, then he would probably replace Silvestre and thus freeing Song to take up his place in central midfield alongside Denilson. Which may in turn mean that he opts for a 4-5-1, relegating Eduardo to the bench. I wonder will Vela have a role to play tomorrow.


Finally, on a totally un-football-related note, but something important to all drinkers, it is now official, bacon sandwiches are good.


Anyway, I think that’s about enough for today. Take it easy.


10 Responses to FA-king C*nts.

  1. kevreano says:

    So once again Howard Webb proves what a fucking utter twat he is. Utd 2 down and going nowhere until he awards a penalty when the keeper clearly played the ball. What a cheating cunt, and so typical of Utd’s luck. It totally changed the game. On the positive side, Lennon caused them a lot of bother and we should be looking to exploit that with Theo..

  2. kevreano says:

    Hull 0 Liverpool 2 !!!! GOING DOWN GOING DOWN GOING DOWN…..

  3. kevreano says:

    It tells you all you need to know about him 🙂

  4. thenorthbank says:

    Also, his recent comments about Marlon King were disgraceful and sum up the type of man that he is.

  5. kevreano says:

    If we can beat Boro tomorrow I can’t see Villa or Everton being able to catch us, so if Cesc got a ban it wouldn’t matter….as long as it doesn’t carry over to next season. Hull are going down 🙂

  6. thenorthbank says:

    The man is a fool and Lee Dixon has made the point several times recently that since he did that they have been shit. Basically saying he lost the dressing room. Only a cunt would do that to his players.

  7. Del says:

    As a commentator said in 1998 that sums it all up.I agrree if there is a video that proves Cesc innocent leak it on the net.Anyway heres hoping that Liverpool put five or more past those horrible cunts.Did you know since Brown shamed his players on the pitch against City on Dec.26th they have only won about 2 lge games.Karma you cunt.

  8. kevreano says:

    At the moment if I had the choice I would prefer Hull to go down. Fucking crowd of wankers. How quickly they forget. Before their play off final last year we gave them full use of our training facilities, and this is how the wankers pay us back. You never get luck from that sort of shite..

  9. thenorthbank says:

    They’re all a bunch of cunts. Hope Blackburn and Hull go down. Both managers are just spoofers.

  10. kevreano says:

    Phil Brown is a cunt. Alister Darling missed a golden opportunity in the budget last week to raise extra funds…he could have introduced a cunt tax. Imagine the money he could have made from the likes of Brown, Allardyce, Tony Pulis, Fergusmoan, Redknapp (he’s got a twitch), Terry, Cuntley Cole, Lampard etc etc

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