Short ‘n’ Sweet.

Sorry for the late post today. Thursday is my busiest day and I don’t get home from work until 21:30, so am not expecting to be able to make a long post on Thursdays.

Looking at the news doing the rounds today, Cesc talks about how proud he was to be on the field on Tuesday night fighting side-by-side with his Arsenal brothers. Those aren’t his exact words, but that’s the general gyst of what he was saying. It’s great to hear him say it, too. He’s the most vital member of our squad. Can you have a most vital, or is vital enough? How many vital members can you have? Hmmmm….

It seems that Gallas has been ruled out for the remainder of the season. This is undoubtedly a huge blow to us and even though Djourou is a decent replacement, we will need to pray that we don’t pick up any more defensive injuries or suspensions from here on out.

It really is frustrating to see how much our campaign (and last campaign too) has been catastrophically affected by long-term injuries. How can one team have so much bad luck with injuries? These aren’t just injuries to squad players, but are injuries to key members of the starting eleven. I know that the world is full of what-ifs but, IF we had even had half of the injuries that we’ve had, then we would undoubtedly be challenging for the title this season. When everyone is fit, we really do have a good squad. That’s not to say that it can’t be improved upon, but we can beat any team in the world on our day.

Let’s hope that we can keep this squad together in the summer and add one or two defensive players and we should be a formidable proposition next season.

Hopefully these latest injuries will help to galvanize the players and that they’ll want to go out on to the field and get the results for their fallen comrades and we might end up with some silverware at the end of the season.

While Wenger is talking about extra points for positive goal difference, he should also put forward the idea of teams with lon-term injuries to key players getting a one goal head-start. If nothing else, it’d get on Platini’s tits.

Oh, I’m going to add a new page soon detailing football friendly bars in Japan. So, if you know of any please post them in a comment and I will get them all together and put the page together and on-line sometime soon.

Right, that’s all I’ve got time for tonight. Just one more day or work until it’s the weekend again. Nice.

**UPDATE: It now appears that Clichy will be out for two weeks with a back injury. Jesus fucking H. Christ. On a more positive note, we may have Van Persie and Eduardo back for Wigan and both will have late fitness tests ahead of the game.

**UPDATE 2: Rosicky is out of tonight’s reserve game. Can’t really say I am surprised to hear that…..but not being surprised doesn’t dampen the disappointment. It doesn’t rain but it pours…


4 Responses to Short ‘n’ Sweet.

  1. tearrier says:

    Not a sniff of huddersfield news, im so could try to connect your story a little? clichy uses medicalweld plasters on his injury and the CEO of Medicalweld plc’s driver used to live in huddersfield. there easy.
    Football friendly bars
    Tavern Yokohama
    Hobgoblin Shibuya
    Bar seven and a half in fujisawa, also in the same building as a ladyboy bar so maybe too friendly.

  2. kevreano says:

    Who is Rosicky?

  3. kevreano says:

    Fucking injuries…

  4. thenorthbank says:

    I also have a Facebook group called: “The North Bank”

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