Arsenal. Are. Back.

I’m not a religious man in any sense of the word, but today I am more than willing to thank the good lord for the return of Arsenal. This thankfulness, however, is balanced out by loathing for my satellite TV company who have seen fit to disconnect me without any warning for missing a direct debit. Cunts. Rang them to complain but got the old “we sent you a reminder postcard that the payment had been missed” spiel, but NO such notice ever arrived in my letterbox. Fuckers.


So, after waiting two whole weeks to see the return of the Arsenal live on TV, I will now be reduced to searching around for a shit quality stream. Bastard Sky Perfect cunts. Even if I went to the ATM and paid the bill right now I still wouldn’t have service restored until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest. What a crowd of cunt-faced ballbags.


Anyway, on to football matters and it seems that Nasri probably won’t play any part in today’s game as he has been mostly bed-ridden (not by his girlfriend, I don’t think…) for the past few days. As said yesterday, Van Persie, Diaby and Eduardo are out. Walcott, Adebayor, Silvestre and Cesc return. Bendtner should also be available following his knee injury which kept him out of the mid-week international.


I really can’t wait to see Cesc step back onto the field again, even if he will be a bit pixelated by the stream he’ll still be full of Cescy goodness.


City team news is that Ireland looks to be out having picked up an injury in training which will inevitably result in Robinho being drafted in to the starting line-up.


There are a lot of wild score-lines being bandied about today but, to be honest, I’d happily settle for a 1-0. Well, when I say happily I don’t really mean happily at all ‘cos that would involve ninety minutes of stress and torture (much like our season so far), but as long as we get the three points I really don’t give a fuck what the score-line is.


Wenger gave his pre-game press conference yesterday and as always it made for interesting viewing. He has a crafty knack of sticking it to someone without being vulgar about it. Hehe. If you can, check out his comment about Barcelona and Laporta. Genius.


Right that’s that for today. Am off to buy some cans of beer and coke to mix with my Myer’s rum ahead of the big game. I can’t believe that after two weeks of torture and mind-numbing boredom we are now less than four hours away from kick-off!


Oh, for those that DO still have TV access in Japan, the game is on J-Sports 2 at 11pm.




4 Responses to Arsenal. Are. Back.

  1. thenorthbank says:

    No joy yet, could take up to a month to hear from them. Well, I only hear from them should I get approval. So, by May if I have heart nothing I will have to apply again.

  2. kevreano says:

    any joy getting your blog posts onto newsnow?

  3. thenorthbank says:

    Yeah, too right. Good result. I had written a comprehensive match report….then the laptop gave me the ol’ ‘blue-scree-of-death’ before I could save the draft and so it’s all gone. Balls. Tomorrow will see just a very brief summary of the game.

  4. kevreano says:

    2 nil, 3 points….it’s all good..

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