It’s over! Finally, it’s over!

April 2, 2009

So, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here. The dreaded international break is now officially over and the players are now returning to the club. As of yet, only Nasri has been added to the list of international break casualties. Nasri however, withdrew from the French squad due to illness so he may make the bench against city. Bendtner didn’t play for Denmark last night and that must surely cast doubt over his participation in this weekend’s game. Eduardo has marked yet another comeback with a goal and let’s hope he does the same again on his Arsenal comeback. Arshavin also had a nice assist for Russia’s first goal against Lichtenstein.


Sylvestre has been talking about how much the team has improved over the course of the season and how we will be able to challenge next season. Let’s hope that he’ll be watching the team’s challenging for honours from afar next season, which I suppose isn’t too different from what he has done this season, minus the team challenging…


Robert Pires has signed a new one year deal with Villarreal and, I have to say, it’s great to see him continuing to play at the top level. If only we had kept him for a few more seasons. He really could have been a key player helping this young squad along and we would undoubtedly have picked up a few more points along the way. Nobody we have now can quite shuffle along the pitch like Pires used to. Of course, I hope we dump Villarreal out of the Champions League, but I have a great admiration and affection for Pires.


The best news of the day, and news which we have been waiting with bated breath to hear is that Cesc is fit for Saturday. This is a huge boost for the team and we should all be crossing every available appendage that he will get through his comeback unscathed and recover his sharpness and form as soon as possible. He really is the heart of the team and I can’t wait to see him, Nasri, Arshavin and Van Perise forming a formidable attacking force. My brother bought me an away shirt while I was back in Ireland for Christmas with ‘Fabregas 4’ on the back, literally 3hrs before the game against Liverpool, so it’ll be nice to wear the shirt while Cesc is actually on the field!


The other bonus for the international break being over is that we won’t have to put up with as much endless shite coming out of B-arse-a, Real and the Spanish media with regard the future of Cesc, Van Persie etc. It really pisses me off no end and makes the international break all the more excruciating. The whole lot of them are a bunch of shit-stirring cunts and the fact that Arsenal seem to be on the receiving end of their bullshit more than any other club just serves to make it more fucking infuriating. All presidents, and presidential hopefuls, of Spanish clubs should be taken out and made run the streets in front of the bulls in Pamplona before being stoned to death by testicle-sized stones just so that it’ll be a longer and much more painful death. Can we start with Joan Laporta, please? Oh, and just for good measure we should also throw Platini and Blatter into the mix, too. The all operate in a very distasteful way, tapping up players at will, and time and time again get away with it. Fucking cunts.


Oh, while I am back in the swearing groove again, I’d like to apologise for not swearing on yesterday’s blog. I can only put that fact that I didn’t swear down to time restraints and illness, though I still feel as fucking rough as a badger’s arse now.


Armand Traore talks about how he wants to make it at Arsenal and that he will come back and fight for a few seasons to try and force his way into the team:


“First of all I am going to return to Arsenal to work hard. Then I will try to play much more, and why not break into the team in a few seasons’ time? Life is about patience and what I am going to do is remain patient for a few seasons and then we will see. All I can tell you is that I am determined to make it with Arsenal.”

It’s great to hear a player talking like that. We want players at the club that are willing to fight for their place and actually earn it. Makes a nice change from players like Bentley and Pennant who thought they had made it before they had ever done anything.


Okay, I’m off to rustle up some food-based sustenance in a bid to get rid of whatever affliction I have been struck down with.